About LSOS

You don’t see a dermatologist for a facial, so why see a dentist to have your teeth cleaned?

Little Shop of Smiles (LSOS) is a new concept, joining dentistry and beauty into an unholy marriage of ultimate convenience! We are not ashamed to admit it. Before you judge us, let us try to explain.

We are leaving the dental practice to venture out where no dentist ventured before, into the world of simple, accessible and affordable dental hygiene care. Our army of hygienists is ready to blast the barnacles off your teeth and have you back in smiling form quicker than you can say “cheese”!

Here is what do we do differently to a dental practice:

  • We employ qualified Hygienists who only perform teeth grooming services (cleaning, polishing, whitening… the nice stuff).
  • We are super-affordable and super-quick, no appointments required.
  • We can refer you to an awesome dentist for more serious dental work if you don’t already know one.
  • We are completely mobile, so we can pop up just about anywhere.
  • We love to have fun while we work so be prepared for anything on our shop floor.

Pop into one of our salons and pop-up stores whenever inspiration strikes, no appointments necessary. Because we believe that you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are, we promise only to make your smile pop, no strings attached, no cliches (ok, maybe some lame jokes). Just three simple services to choose from at prices that won’t break the bank! However, beware, when we are done you may need shades to look in the mirror, you hot thang…

Come join our movement as we give back smiles to those who have been hiding from the dentist and to those who just want a quick and affordable clean in between their dentist visits. Ready to be a part of something brand new? We know you want to. 


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