Hey there! Are you a cheeky, fun loving professional hygienist with a strong sense for adventure?

Do you love making a difference in people’s lives and making them smile?

Do you dream of one day becoming your own boss?

Join the revolution and ditch the stuffy old dental practice for a bit of fun and sparkle. We believe that everyone, everywhere deserves to feel like they are beautiful just the way they are. We offer no makeovers, no up-sells, no smile by design, just plain old fashioned tender love and care!

Your mission: to give every customer more reasons to smile by helping them with their teeth-grooming. Kinda like a barber, but for teeth…and no drill in sight!

You can work as much or as little as you like, hours are flexible and rewards legendary, the pay is pretty good, too.

We move around a bit and plan to grow super-fast, so if our current location is not ideal for you, sit tight, we may be in your neighbourhood soon. Go on, fill out this contact form and start the adventure, you know you want to…