Q: How is Little Shop of Smiles (LSOS) different to a dental practice?

A: Unlike dental practices, which sometimes look like very well kitted out space ships, we only offer a very limited range of services: teeth cleaning and whitening. We call them teeth hygiene or teeth grooming services. We think this is a perfect marriage of health and beauty in the world of dentistry. Kind of like a barber or a dry bar for your teeth.

Q: What sort of treatments do you do?

A: We provide quick and affordable teeth grooming services and you have a choice of three amazing little smile-boosters:

  • Say “Cheese” (includes sonic scale of your teeth and smoothing polish).
  • A Cheeky Grin (includes basic clean and a special air-brush technique for stubborn stains)
  • The Whiteout (take home teeth whitening which complies with the TGA and Dental Board guidelines), combined with our ‘cheeky grin’ clean.

Q: Are your staff registered dental professionals?

Yes, all except our retail assistants are either registered dentists or hygienists.

Q: How do I know that my health and teeth won’t be at risk if I receive your service?

A: Our services are minimally invasive, light touch only and performed by trained professionals.

We follow the same rules and regulations as a dental practice and have strict quality control and infection control processes in place. We limit our materials and tools to one use only, disposable kits where possible. We use the most reputable, TGA approved products, sold only through dental professionals.

We do not recommend our service to clients who are medically compromised, very young, very old and have complex dental needs (see our service disclaimer HERE).

To be able to provide a safe service, we do need to retain some information about you on your records. This information may be used to help us refine our service offering in the future or to contact you regarding your treatment. Your details will never be released to any third parties (e.g. your regular dentist) without your prior approval.

Q: Will a clean at LSOS help my gum disease?

A: All removal of plaque and tartar helps and improves gum disease. However, gum disease is a combination of many factors, including your overall health, medication, lifestyle and oral care at home. Our treatment will not ‘cure’ gum disease. For this we highly recommend that you see a dentist or hygienist in a traditional dental practice. We would be happy to recommend a team we know and trust if you don’t already have a regular practice.

Q: Will a clean at LSOS make my teeth whiter?

A: Removing stain, plaque and tartar from teeth often makes them appear whiter. However, the actual colour of your teeth does not change after a clean, we only remove the stuff that hides that colour. For true whitening effect, we recommend our teeth whitening service.

Q: Is teeth whitening damaging to teeth and gums?

A: If used correctly and in safe concentrations, teeth whitening is not damaging to teeth and gums. Incorrect use and prolonged use can lead to excessive sensitivity of teeth and chemical burns of gums and soft tissues. It is really important to follow professional advice and use only reputable products endorsed by the TGA and the dental community. The safety of whitening products has not been tested on pregnant or lactating women so we advise that mums to be and new mums hold off from it for a while.

Q: How much whiter are my teeth going to be after I use your product?

A: Despite what you may see in advertisements and in the media, this is impossible to predict. Your results will depend on many things, including: your starting tooth shade, whether you have any existing fillings, crowns or veneers, your intake of coffee, tea, red wine, spicy foods, smoking, etc. In most cases these results are dramatic and quick, but they can also be very subtle and take a few weeks. We cannot guarantee your final whitening results.

Q: What happens if I don’t see any results after whitening?

A: We would love to see you and check your results regularly. Sometimes you may feel nothing is happening, but your teeth are gradually getting lighter. If one treatment is not enough, you may need to continue with more treatment. As long as it is professionally dispensed, you are ok to keep going.

Q: I have some broken and decayed teeth, can I still use your service?

A: Absolutely. Our service is very light touch and is safe for most people. However, please note that the effect of cleaning or whitening may not be as dramatic and great as if you had healthy or well maintained teeth. For you, our service would have the most impact if you follow it up soon with a visit to a dentist. We would be happy to refer you to a great practice if you are not sure where to start.

Q: Does teeth cleaning hurt?

A: This varies greatly between different people. It can range from being quite sensitive to almost pleasant. We do have some simple ways of dealing with this in our shop, so let us know if you have sensitive teeth and gums or are worried about this.

Q: Does teeth whitening hurt?

A: A common side-effect of teeth whitening is teeth sensitivity. Sort of like eating a very cold ice-cream. You can help this by using some great products after whitening or by skipping a day or two in your whitening routine, so your teeth can get used to it.

Q: Can you administer anesthetics or any other pain relief during cleaning?

A: We are not equipped to administer any local anaesthetic. However, we do have some numbing mouthwash you are welcome to use before we start. If you are particularly worried, give us a call and we can discuss some other possible methods.

Q: Can I claim the cost of your services from my health fund?

A: Instead of signing up to expensive payment portals, we chose to price our services so that anyone can afford them, regardless of whether they belong to a private health fund or not. At this pop-up stage, our shops are not able to link up with health funds automatically. This may change in the future, but in the meantime, you can try and claim from your fund manually and you may receive a rebate. Let us know if this is a deal-breaker for you.